Dust air filter is the filter length crisp folded into pleats, star bonded together end to end of the filter cartridge. No cartridge cage bone, easy to install.
Dust cartridge varieties, there are thin and long and thick and short points. Elongated cartridge (eg φ≤160, L = 1 ~ 2m), which folds (such as 45-fold) the gap between large, large angle, fold small and shallow, the filtration area is longer than the diameter of the same bag with 2 ~ 5 times, easy cleaning
and good effect; for concentration ≥15g / m dust filter dust, filtration velocity 0.6 ~ 1.2m / min. Stubby cartridge (eg φ350, L = 0.66m) diameter, short length, pleated and more (120 to 350-fold) and deep, pleated small gap between large filtration area, compared with the same diameter as large area
long bag 14 ~ 35-fold, suitable for a small area of the site, where a small space arrangement; but fold angle is small, easy to accumulate dust and difficult cleaning, suitable concentration ≤5g / m dust filter dust removal, filtration velocity should not be> 0.6m / min .
Pulse filter cartridge installation, there are three: vertical, inclined, horizontal mounting. Cartridge mounted vertically, when the pulse cleaning, easy to clean off the dust settling to the hopper, good effect. Tilt installation, cartridge stacked up and down, compact, small footprint, easy to change the barrel, but when cleaning the upper cartridge clean off the dust fall on the lower cartridge, it is difficult to remove. Mounted horizontally, the upper part of the lower cartridge
dust harder to remove. Canted cartridge filter dust removal system is suitable for small and medium non-sticky, low concentration, grain dust with coarse dust,but also for some old-fashioned bag filter with reconstruction.
Dust cartridge features:
1, greatly increase the effective filtration area;
2, to ensure a low and stable pressure, improve circulation air flow;
3, cartridge element compact, easy to install;