Sometimes people ask us why their spa water is cloudy, especially after heavy bather loads. Usually this is due to poor water

filtration and most of the time the spa filter is in need of a good clean. In order to keep your spa water clean and sparkling you
need to have your spa filter doing the best job possible. If you spa filter is clogged up with debris and body oils it simply cannot
effectively filter your spa’s water and causes your spa pump to work harder.
The Clear Choice natural spa system relies on circulation and filtration to maintain healthy, clean, clear water. To keep your spa
filter working optimally you need to clean your filter thoroughly at least once a week with moderate pressure water from your
garden hose, ensuring that you get into each individual pleat. On top of that, each month soak your filter in a solution of white
vinegar and water, which helps to break down embedded dirt, before rinsing thoroughly.
After a while the spa filter cartridges get worn and can no longer effectively filter your spa water despite weekly cleans and
monthly soaks. This means that your filter cartridge needs replacing, ideally every 18 months to 2 years. This way you will ensure
optimal filtration of your spa water and best performance of the Clear Choice purification system. For best results please use standard
pleated filters.
It is also important that your spa filtration system is run for at least four hours a day in order to allow for an adequate amount of
circulation. Following these guidelines will ensure you experience clean, clear water using Clear Choice. If your spa water is particularly
cloudy after a heavy bather load, shock your spa with a non-chlorine shock to speedily oxidise organic contaminants. Clean your filter
and turn on your filtration system for a couple of hours.
Remember, it is almost impossible for your spa water to stay clean and sparkling if your filter is dirty, or old and worn out!