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Argo Oil Filter Element From Hydraulic Oil Filters

///Argo Oil Filter Element From Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • Argo Oil Filter Element

Argo Oil Filter Element From Hydraulic Oil Filters

Please note all the replacement Argo series oil filter and oil filter elements are produced by us whose quality are great enough to meet your requirement meanwhile own very competitive price which can be used well to replace Argo oil filter and oil filter elements that produced by Argo. Please contact Argo directly in case you need Argo original produced oil filter and oil filter elements.

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Product Description

Argo Hydraulic Oil Filter Description

Replacement Argo Hydraulic Filter is widely used in the hydraulic system to filter solid particles and jelly particles.To reduce the relative surface friction of the hydraulic components, improve system reliability. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the hydraulic system and lubrication system.

Argo Hydraulic Oil Filter Specification:

Filter material: High-quality glass fiber filter

Filtration: From 1,3,6,12,25 …… μm filtration ratio: X ≧ 100

Structural strength: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa

Use: Oil pressure for the hydraulic, lubrication system filter to filter out contaminants in the system, to ensure the normal operation of the system

Argo Hydraulic Oil Filter Main Features:

(1) Pressure: H-21MPa M-16MPa C-3.0MPa L-1.6MPa

(2) Accuracy: 1-3um 3-5 um 5-12 um 20-25 um …… ..

(3) Material: Fiber paper -BN stainless steel braid-W wood pulp paper

(4) Sealing materials: Z- NBR fluorine rubber ring D-

Argo filter is installed in the hydraulic oil system which is used to remove the wear metal powder and other mechanical impurities in the hope of clean oil to extend the life of the hydraulic system.

Low pressure Argo oil filter also own bypass valve. When the hydraulic oil filter is not replaced, the bypass valve opens automatically to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Argo Hydraulic Oil Filter Function

In the hydraulic system, used to filter out solid particles in the working medium and the colloidal material, effective control of pollution caused by the working medium.

Argo Hydraulic Oil Filter Standard Test:

Filter resistance to cracking verified by ISO 2941

Structural integrity of the filter according to ISO 2943

Hydraulic Oil Filter cartridge compatibility verified by ISO 2943

Filter characteristics according to ISO 4572

Filter pressure characteristics according to ISO 3968

Flow – pressure characteristic tested according to ISO 3968

The viscosity test oil

Argo Hydraulic Oil Filter Applications;

1, Metallurgy: Filtering rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system and various lubrication equipment.

2, Petrochemicals: Refining, chemical production process of products and intermediate products of the separation and recycling. Liquid purification.Tape, optical and photographic film in the manufacture of purification. Oil and gas injection purification.

3, Textile: polyester melt filtration purification and even filtration in the drawing process. Air compressor protection filtration. compressed gas oil and water filtration.

4, Thermal power and nuclear power: Filtering gas turbines, boiler lubrication system, speed control system. Bypass control system oil purification, feed pumps, fans and dedusting system purification.

5, Machining equipment: paper dust machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large precision machinery lubrication systems and compressed air purification. tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment recovery filtering.

6, Railway internal combustion engine and generator: lubricants and oil filtration.

7, Electronic and pharmaceutical: reverse osmosis water, deionized water pretreatment filtration. Pre-treatment of the filtered cleaning solution and dextrose.

8, Car engines and construction machinery: An internal combustion engine with an air filter, oil filter, fuel filter. Construction machinery, ships, trucks with a variety of hydraulic oil filter, diesel filter, water filter.

Our hydraulic oil filter own strict quality tested process to guarantee our product quality,so just rest assured about it.

Argo Hydraulic Oil Filter Model Options:

If you don’t see your Argo Oil Filter part number below,please contact us to get information on your required  Argo Oil Filter

If we don’t have your required  Argo Oil Filter in stock then WE CAN MAKE IT For You!

S3.0520-05 S3.1013-01 S9.0305-01 S2.0923-00
S3.0607-50 S3.1016-50 S9.0306-01 S2.0920-20
S3.0607-70 S3.1016-51 S9.0622-22 S2.0720-10
S3.0608-60 S3.1017-10 S9.0817-02 S2.0723-00
S3.0620-11 S3.1017-15 S9.1004-62 S2.0613-15
S3.0623-00 S3.1023-05 S9.1306-10 S2.0717-10
S3.0708-50 S3.1113-60 S2.0923-01 S3.0817-00


The Word on Quality

All of our filter elements carry ISO Standards & CE Standards, and we fully guarantee all of our products.

Please note: 

All items marked Replacement or Equivalent are not affiliated with the original equipment manufacture, part numbers are for reference only. Just contact us to get more information on your required hydraulic oil filter and we will provide free sample hydraulic oil filter according to your requirement for free to let you learn our hydraulic oil filter characters.