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PALL Low Pressure Filter From Hydraulic Oil Filters

///PALL Low Pressure Filter From Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • PALL Low Pressure Filter
  • PALL Low Pressure Filter

PALL Low Pressure Filter From Hydraulic Oil Filters

Please note all the replacement Pall series oil filter and oil filter elements are produced by us whose quality are great enough to meet your requirement meanwhile own very competitive price which can be used well to replace Pall oil filter and oil filter elements that produced by Pall. Please contact PALL directly in case you need Pall original produced oil filter and oil filter elements.

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Product Description

PALL Hydraulic Oil Filter Introduction

Replacement PALL Hydraulic Filter is widely used in the hydraulic system to filter solid particles and jelly particles,to control pollution effective.

PALL Hydraulic Oil Filter Specifications


Filter material: high quality glass fiber filters

Filtration accuracy: 1 ~ 100μm

Working temperature: -30 ℃ – + 110 ℃

Nominal pressure: 21bar-210bar

Applications: petroleum, chemical, aerospace, electronics, electric power, metallurgy,

Sealing material: NBR: petroleum-based, oil-in-water emulsion, water glycol, hydraulic oil, lubricating rubber, Special synthetic fluids

Replacement of PALL Hydraulic Oil Filter Main Features:

Modular design,Minimum pressure loss,compact structure,High efficient ,Mic or Sm-x filter elements, in accordance with ISO16889 assess large dirt holding capacity of ß value, high pressure differential to ensure optimum life of the filter cartridges,100% · bubble test

Filtration: 5 to 100 microns, β value in line with ISO16889 standards

Assimilative force: test dust ISO MTD number of grams in line with ISO16889 standards

Pall Hydraulic Oil Filter Introduction:

In the hydraulic system, Pall hydraulic oil filters are used to filter the working medium of solid particles and glue the substance.

Pall Hydraulic Oil Filter Usage:

Filter to be installed at the pump suction port:

Inlet line pump generally required to have the surface-type filter, the purpose is to filter the larger contaminant particles to protect the pump, in addition to the oil filter filtering capabilities should be more than twice the flow rate of the pump, a pressure loss of less than 0.02MPa .

2  Hydraulic oil filter cartridge is installed in the outlet of the pump return oil loop:

The purpose of installation of the oil filter is used to filter pollutant that may invade the original valves and other contaminants. Accuracy of its filter should be 10 ~ 15μm, oil on the road and can withstand the impact of work stress and pressure, the pressure drop should be less than 0.35MPa. At the same time the safety valve should be installed to prevent oil filter clogging.

3 Hydraulic oil filter element should be installed in return oil loop system: This installation way own the filtration effect. Usually the hydraulic oil filter installed in parallel a back pressure valve, when the filter clogging pressure reaches a certain value, the back-pressure valve opens.

4  Hydraulic oil filter is installed in the system branch road.

5  Hydraulic oil filter element sole filtration system: a large hydraulic system can be engineered to form an independent hydraulic pump and the oil filter circuit. In addition to the hydraulic oil filter needed by the whole system, dedicated fine filter are always installed in front of some important elements to make sure they work properly.

Hydraulic oil filter are mainly made in stainless steel wire mesh, sintered wire mesh, iron preparation network. Due to the media it uses mainly glass fiber filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper, filter paper pulp, so it has concentric rate, to withstand pressure, straight is good, stainless steel, without any glitches, to ensure long life characteristics Its configuration and filter are made of a single layer or multi-layer metal mesh, As for the use of specific number of layers depend on conditions of use and uses.

Our Replacement of PALL Hydraulic Oil Filter Technology:

(1). Filter material are composed of great fibers and resin through the unique process. fixed void structure make the filter material non-shedding. Intercepted pollution particles will not produce “discharge” phenomenon because of pressure and flow rate pulsating .

(2) Use outside to the inside, along the flow direction gradually reduced gradient pore structure. Layered intercept contaminant particles of different sizes. Achieve deep contaminant. Thus greatly improving the service life.

(3) Use spiral wound reinforcing support to ensure filter stability.

Serious consequences of using poor quality hydraulic oil filters:

  1. Poor quality filter use poor quality filter material which make the filter effect is very poor, resulting in poor medium cleanliness level, the damage is to protect the life of components, severe cases may result in damage to the core components of the system.
  2. vInferior filter end caps and other pressure on the skeleton of the original material cut corners, filter life is shortened, increasing the user’s cost;
  3. Poor quality filters own bad processing technique meanwhile make the products unsightly, reduce filter life, damage oil filter easy then can’t make the oil filter reach good filtering effect.

Our hydraulic oil filter own strict quality tested process to guarantee our product quality,so just rest assured about it.

Hydraulic Oil Filter Model Options:

If you don’t see your PALL Oil Filter part number below,please contact us to get information on your required PALL Oil Filter

If we don’t have your required PALL Oil Filter in stock then WE CAN MAKE IT For You!





















































The Word on Quality

All of our filter elements carry ISO Standards & CE Standards, and we fully guarantee all of our products.

Please note: 

All items marked Replacement or Equivalent are not affiliated with the original equipment manufacture, part numbers are for reference only. Just contact us to get more information on your required hydraulic oil filter and we will provide free sample hydraulic oil filter according to your requirement for free to let you learn our hydraulic oil filter characters.